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The Clearwater Amp was a little more involved than the speakers.  I had originally ordered the speakers from Moss.  When they came, Clearwater had included their propaganda for all their products, including an amp.  The speakers were certainly clearer than factory, and I could now use full volume without distortion, but the volume just wasn't enough to overcome the road noise.  I knew an amp was the answer, and I could have probably gotten more power for the same money, but the plug and play aspect of the Clearwater unit just made it too easy.

The amp itself bolts into the trunk on the drivers side, just above the jack storage bay.  This is a great out of the way place to put it, and protects an otherwise vulnerable piece of sheetmetal on the quarter panel. Installation is pretty simple, consisting of proprietary connector plugs that only go together one way.  

The first unit came, and when I fired everything up, the fuse blew, I examined it, and knew from that deep fried look that it  just wasn't an overload, it was one king hell short circuit somewhere that blew this fuse. So I looked.  And looked.  And looked. I just couldn't find where the problem was.  I pulled the whole unit back out, and called Clearwater the next day.  I explained what was going on, the tech who could have been a voice double for Sean Penn in Fast Times at Ridgemont High said "Wow, bummer dude!"    They sent a new unit second day air at no charge, which went in without a hitch.

Finally, got the tunes to go with the top down experience.  So I went for a 6 hour road trip, just to make sure everything was OK.  Wagner at 2 AM at 70 mph, top down in 35 degree weather is something everyone should experience. :-)


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