Clearwater Speakers


Headrest Speakers   Headspeaker.JPG (72541 bytes)

I wanted to keep the stock head unit, as I feel that the factory radio has a lower theft attraction level than an aftermarket unit.  However with the top down, once speed exceeds 30 mph, the factory radio just disappears. So I decided to try the Clearwater units in conjunction with the Clearwater amp.

Installation was a snap. (I had the factory speakers, so the wiring was in place) Total time, less than 5 minutes in the parking lot at work.  They sound a lot better than stock.

Door Speakers

Went in that evening.  taking the door panels off was a little tricky at first, but I spent $3.95 at Pep Boys for the tool to remove the window cranks.  That makes the job much easier.  Sound was much clearer, but not enough volume until I installed the Clearwater Amp.  With the amp, and the speakers combined, I took the car out to to the interstate, and with speeds well in excess of the posted limits, roof down, I could clearly here piano pieces.

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