Moss Wood Steering Wheel

The black car, black interior, black roof, was beginning to make me feel like I was driving Darth Vader's staff car.

I needed something to brighten up the interior. Hit the web. Ah, the classic British roadster wood accouterments from the good folks at Moss Motors. Now the bad news, I've never pulled an airbag before, and those things are DANGEROUS. Get the shop manual, reread the Haynes manual.  Decided that I can do this.  Took about 2 hours, start to finish. 

wood.JPG (102354 bytes) click on photo for larger image

I thought the wood dash kit was a little over the top though, so I stuck with the steering wheel, the brake handle and the Moss wood shift knob.

The Moss knob is perfectly color matched to the steering wheel and the brake handle.  It is, unfortunately not weighted, and the pistol grip style is just not for me.  Looks great, feels lousy.

So, I ordered one from the Knobmeister.