Northern Ohio Valley Region


We are currently (as of March 2008) pavementless. <sigh>

In the unlikely event that we find a place to play, you will hear the shouting from the rooftops.

If you know of any pavement that may be available, please let Joe know. His contact information is to the right.

Check back for more information.

NOVR is an SCCA region in the Steubenville, OH area that is active in Autocross ( Solo II ).  Our Autocross events are run in a relaxed environment with a late morning start.

Registration closes at 11:00 AM

 We generally include 6 timed competitive runs followed by fun runs.  Trophies are awarded at the conclusion of the day's event.

For information or verification of a specific event, please call Joe McMullen at (740) 544-5182.  You can reach Joe by email at

Contact the

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