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sports car (sports kär)
a low, small, usually 2-passenger automobile designed for quick response, easy maneuverability, and high-speed driving see also Miata

You already know that the Miata is an excellent sports car.  It can also be used to drive for wine and cheese cruises. Sadly most Miatas spend their lives doomed to sit in the garage and hope for a sunny day, only to be let out for a cruise in a long line of similar cars to a restaurant or dinner theater.  If you are only using your car for cruises, you are missing a lot of what the car (and you) can do.

Autocross, (or Solo II as it is also known) is run in parking lots, 1 car on course at a time, against the clock.  There is no fender to fender racing, and damage to your car is about as likely as a lightning strike.

Fastest time wins.  Hitting a cone marking the course is a 2 second penalty.

Cost is minimal.  Usually $15 or $20 for the day, and to get started, all you need is a helmet.  If you don't have helmet, some clubs have loaners, and you can generally find someone to lend you one.

We have a regular group of Miata competitors that  run locally, and are always looking for more competitors. (It's no fun if there's no one to play with because all the other Miatas are getting detailed that day :-)

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The current schedule of autocross in the Pittsburgh area can be found on the events page.

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