Topless In The Mountains  9-2-00 9-4-00

West Penn and Trillium Miata Clubs

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Randy & Chris

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Thumbs down to the plastic Chevy

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TJ Is anxiously waiting to get on the road again.

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Moving out

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Topless in the mountains

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Trillium and West Penn Clubs in the mountains

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Time out

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Nick and Tony checking the route

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Thanks to Rick & Chris of the Toronto Trillium Club for the great ride.

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WPMC Members stop for a break in Volant before heading to the Lube for lunch.

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 Getting ready to leave from (where else?) the Ames parking lot.

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A stop at the scenic CASS railroad station

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 Miatas in a row on the famous "Back Mountain Road"

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Same as the last picture but from a different perspective.

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Ruth Marlowe checks the guardrail before relaxing for a while.  Bev assures her there's nothing to worry about, just don't lean back.  T.J.thinks it all sounds fine but he'll just stand, thank you.

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And one from the great white north.