WPMC 10th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION  (Or A Pretty Good Day At Black Rock)

Approximately 30 people (18 cars) attended our 10th anniversary picnic at North Park.  We had a beautiful, shady grove with a private parking lot to
hold our "funcana".

Dan Ennis was our "chef", making great hot dogs and hamburgers.  There was plenty of potato salad, baked beans and delicious desserts.

Gerry and Dan Ennis won the contest putting the top up, then back down and put the boot back on in the fastest time.  Ray Calfo won "Blinds Man Bluff".
Lines were taped on the parking lot, most of us took turns with a brown paper bag over our heads to see who could drive closest to the line without
going over.

Bill and Juliette Flasche lead a short cruise through some winding road, then headed back for some more food and drinks.

Bert and Ruthie are the horse-shoe champs.  We don't like to brag, but we did win 11/2!!!

Everyone had a great time.  Thank you Scott and Paula for finding such a nice grove and planning such a fun day.
Ruth Marlowe

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