West Penn Miata Club

Stone Villa Winery Tour Report

By Greg and Cathy Mooney

Another great day of sun, fun, wine and food was had. On Sunday May 12, Motherís Day, Randy Shellhammer led the cruise to Stone Villa Winery. We met in Irwin and enjoyed all the on lookers checking out our Motherís Day bouquet of Miatas. We headed down Route 30 and onto the fun country roads enjoying a few twists and turns along the way, some even left rubber on the road. There were about 16 cars in tow and very little if any problems with our train.

With nasty weather in the vicinity, we managed to elude the storms arriving at the winery with the tops still down. We then split into two groups to swap between education on the winery and process of making wine and the fun stuff - tasting the wine. Eventually we all retired to the patio and the cars then headed for a delicious dinner at Ninoís.

Although we didnít escape without water on the cars, we did miss all the excitement of storms nearby staying dry during dinner. A great time was had by all Ė Thanks Randy!


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