Country Roads Maiden Voyage 5-17-03
We had 12 cars - including a few seasoned cruise "vets," a few newbies from last summer and a few "virgins." 
The weather wasn't great -- tops went up and down a few times - but spirits were sunny nevertheless. 
Travelled some great WV roads and had some good food and a gorgeous new resort.  Gave away prizes.  Even picked up a new Miata in the parking lot of our ice cream stop! 
In the pictures are shown: 
#3 Pre-roll off meeting, with instructions from cruise leader, James Bond.
#5  007 lines up cars according to color, to assure proper aesthetics
#9  The rain made us have to pee....pit stop at Burger King
#11 & 13  Shots from one of the "top up/top down" stops.  Futile efforts were made to keep cars clean.  Ha!
#19  Parading through downtown Weston
#20  Group shot in front of the former state hospital (appropriate, don't you think?)
#9  A couple "crazies" at the asylum
#10  All make a hasty escape before we're committed
#12  New members Tom & Cindy Mugnano and Ben and Kathy Sandy
#17  This unsuspecting new Miata owner (still had paper tags) was converged upon in the parking lot at our ice cream stop.  The Miata Stalker nabbed him immediately.
#18  Everyone was having a good time until retired police officer Fuscaldo made an "ass" of himself. :-).

Looking forward to hosting the Blackwater Falls cruise to show off more of the Mt. State.



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