Wine and Cheese Cruise   6-1-03

1.   All fifteen cars in a row

2.   Who wants to taste this wine.

3.   Alright who's next.

4.   Ray Calfo really likes this bottle of wine.

5.   Enjoying the sun at Glade Pike winery.

6.   The Rays  -  Ray Calfo, Ray Lowden & Ray Woods

7.   The Group Photo

8.   Mark Ricard lost the key to his car but after considerable searching the key was found.  Thank Heavens

  Enjoying the fare at Brady's Restaurant  

10.  Socializing

Review of Randy Shellhammer's Spring Winery Cruise
written by Mary Ann Urban
Saturday May 31 arrived with wind, rain and grey skies.  Randy's phone rang off the hook with cancellations.  Did this stop him????  NO way - Randy regrouped, made a few phone calls (ok - probably at least 20 phone calls) and rescheduled everything for the next day - Sunday June 1. 
After a cloudy morning, the afternoon was sunny with blue skies and cool temps - but the tops came down and away we went.  The group of 15 Miatas (and one other non- Miata driven by Joe Zimliki bringing up the rear) met in Irwin and drove Rt 30 to Rt 130 in Greensburg.  We followed Rt 130 through the beautiful mountains of the Laurel Highlands and arrived at the Glades Pike Winery, near Somerset, PA.  This was the third Spring winery cruise and this was the first time we had visited Glades Pike.
The group enjoyed tasting the wines and choosing our favorites to purchase for enjoyment at home.  Part of our group took the tour of the winery and listened as our guide explained the wine making process. 
After a group photo in front of the winery building, we got back into our cars and drove the short distance to Brady's Restaurant on Rt. 31 W near Acme, PA.  The restaurant was closing at 4 PM for unknown reasons (perhaps they had heard stories of previous Miata outings!!!).  We arrived shortly after 2 PM so we had ample time to enjoy a great lunch and socializing with the group. 
After lunch we all went different routes for home.  Randy did his homework and planned a great day enjoyed by all!  Thanks Mr. Shellhammer - we give you an A plus for this event.


11.  GLORY HALLELUJAH!!!  Will wonders never cease.  Bill Marlowe got served his lunch before everyone else         was finished their meal. Congratulations Bill!!!!! 


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