Trolley Museum Tour 6-14-03

1.     All 18 cars lined up in front of the Trolley Museum.

2.     Volunteer giving us a little background on trolleys.

3.     Conductor Bert taking the controls.

4.     The group is ready for their trolley ride.

5.      Conductor  punched our tickets.

6.      Trolley with club members - Guess who has her rear out the window.

8.      Trolley coming down the tracks.

9 Northcoast & West Penn miata club members in front of streetcar Desire,  the one in the movie of the same name.

10.Waiting for the doors to open at our most important stop.

11 Enjoying the tucker ( food) - Nick & Jodi did an awesome job of getting 18 cars thru all the red light from Southpointe & then thru the streets of Pgh to Outback at PNC Park. 


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