Rockwood Mill Cruise

.Jodi signing the registry.  Judy wants  a record who have attended the Opera House.

Doing what club members do best dishing up the food.

Opera House - Restored to historical standards after being walled up from 1918 till 2000 when Judy discovered it existed as part of the Mill.
Club members - left Mark & Susan Tuite, Rich & Eleanor Lowden, Jodi & Nick Garuccio, Randy Shellhammer
         & Joe Zimliki

Club Members -left Beth, Bob Snyder, Judy & John Dobson, Bill & Joan Stenger & Bill Sauders

WV subchapter club members Cathy & Robert Thieme

Cast of the Phantom of The Rockwood Opera,  play written for the Rockwood Opera house.

Group Photo - In front of the Rockwood Mill which is on the Pa National Historic Registry

Judy Pletcher, owner of Rockwood Mill shoppes & Opera House, with John & Judy Dobson

Joe Z hamming it up with Cathy.  LOVE THOSE SUSPENDERS JOE


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