Linden Hall June 22, 2003

Linden Hall built by Cochran Family who made their fortune in the coal industry.

Group gathering for the start of the tour.

Solarium where Mrs. Cochran grew orchids

Group admiring the living room

Bev J  checking out the ornate sitting room

Bert & Juliette conversing in the Great Hall

Two of the three Tiffany stain glass windows on the second floor landing valued at 5 million

The Devil's smoking room (there are devils painted on the ceiling) Our two resident devils, Mark T & Joe Z at the entrance

Dining Room  Rug valued at million

One of the bedrooms

Miatas.  On the Miata Club website.  How did those get there?

Bowling Alley in the basement 

Group photo in front of Linden Hall

Club Members enjoying lunch


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