Blackwater Falls 8/9-10/03

Beautiful morning for a roll-off from I-79 Mazda

"Save the Wave" - shortly thereafter, we were "Riding the Wave"

At our stop at "The Little Church in 48 States," Cruisemaster Bond prays for the return of the sun....

*...while outside, other cruisers wished for the same via the magic well.

Lunch at the quaint and quirky Purple Fiddle in Thomas, WV.

A familiar sight out through the windshield.

By dinnertime, the rain cleared away and we parked in the yard of the Golden Anchor in Canaan Valley.

Our own version of Wink Martindale hands out the prizes.

Sunday morning found everyone doing "damage control

AT LAST.....we trekked down to the falls, which were absolutely wild due to the previous day's rainfall.  Here are the usual suspects!

We revisited the wind farm, which we couldn't appreciate the day before (too busy drawing up plans for the ark).



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