Competition...Miata does not live on wine and cheese alone.

Tim Murphy and The Tasmanian Devil

2007 Steel Cities Region SM2 Champion

Gerry Ennis and her 95 M Edition

2007 NHSCC Driver of the Year

Dan Ennis and The Shark

2007 Winner of the blow your engine up midseason and stink the joint up competitively award.

Patty Murphy

2007 SCR EM Champion

Dave Weimer

2006 Steel Cities Region ES 2nd Place

Dennis Witt with his 95 M Edition

2006 Steel Cities Region CSP 2nd Place

Mike Ovsen's Happy Buddha

2006 Steel Cities Region CSP Champion

Ed Morgan and his 96 M Edition

Flyin Nick Flynn

2006 Steel Cities Region 2nd Place CS

2005 SCCA Nationals 12th Place CS

Also walks on water, turns water into Margaritas, etc.

Pete Reddington

Chris Kirkham

2007 Steel Cities Region Driver of the Year

Ted Weidner

Steel Cities Region Street Tire Class 7th Place


Scott Davis

Roof Challenged Mazda Autocrossers

Sean Ennis and Coors, The Silver Bullet

Brint Davis and his RX7



C'mon out and join us. It's the most fun you can have in a Miata with your clothes on.


NHSCC Novice Handbook

Great info for the beginner


Local Club Links

North Hills Sports Car Club

Steel Cities SCCA

BeaveRun Motorsports Complex

Click here for more info on the wonderful world of Miata Autocross.



The West Penn Miata Club Competition team has fun racing at many of Pittsburgh's racing and autocross venues.  From Track Days at BeaveRun, to autocross at the VDA at BeaveRun, to autocross at the parking lot at North Park, we have fun.  Running the Miata through a field of cones in Solo, or careening sideways. We are autocross and competition driving with the Miata at any venue we can find.  Autocross, Track Days, Open lapping, we are Pittsburgh fastest Miatas.